Kitchen Remodel!

The severe lack of posts lately has not just been laziness, (although I’m sure it was a factor) but for the past month Nick and I have been undergoing a kitchen remodel. It all began about 4 months ago when Nick and I came home from work and noticed that water was leaking from the sink hook up. This forced us to tear out one cabinet and part of the wall to fix the leak in the pipes. Fast forward 3 months of planning and padding the bank account construction began. Our main goals for this project were more counter space, more storage, a new floor and a new sink. What came out of it was a bit more than planned but we could not be happier. Thanks to Jim, our tile guy who became our contractor, we were able to create a beautiful kitchen! Now for the pictures Old and New…

one side of the old kitchen

The Other side of the old Kitchen

Close up of the countertop. We decided on Granite tiles not only because it looks great, but it was half the cost of a full granite slab.

Close up of the back splash. We wanted a color the played off the color of the Granite so we decided on the glass accent stripe down the center of travertine brick tile.

We chose a white porcelain farm style sink.

We added a large pantry on the far side of the kitchen to add a ton of storage.

We also had out radiator sand blasted and painted and now it looks brand new.

View of the backsplash behind the stove

View of the floor. We chose a sand colored tile on a diagonal pattern which makes the room look bigger.

View of the left side of the kitchen

View of the full kitchen!

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I have enjoyed having this project finished. I never thought that eating out would get old, but when you are forced to do it for almost a month straight…well lets just say, ill be cooking a lot from now on. This also means that you all can look forward to some great new posts.


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3 Responses to Kitchen Remodel!

  1. Missy says:

    Gorgeous remodel! Jordan & Nick – enjoy your new digs! I’ve been enjoying your posts. Looking forward to more,
    Missy Peck 😉

  2. Sally says:

    Looks fabulous guys! See you this weekend. The Sal

  3. Donna Visocky says:

    Love the new kitchen. Cool sink!! Auntie Donna

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